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La pasión por la Magia y la Calidad, solo en Selecciones Mágicas




The Cups A Manual of Cups and Balls Magic ©1972 D. Robbins & Company, Inc. Paper, saddle-stitched, 42 pages

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3 Publisher's Note: about Roy Fromer 3 Introduction: by Roy Fromer, 1972 4 About the Cups: short intro 4 The Basic Routine: simple, no sleight routine where the three balls penetrate the cups

6 My Cup Runneth Over: Over twenty ideas on modifying or using special cups 6 Pot Holes: flower pots 6 The Society Cups and Balls: fancy cups 6 The Traveling Skulls: Halloween idea 6 Emergency Cups: tumblers 6 Close Up Cups: 2" aluminum cups 7 Impromptu Close Up Cups: fabric softener lids 7 Avante Garde Cups: leather 7 Thimblerigging: using "finger stalls" 7 Mechanical Cups: intro 8 The Foo Cup: produce liquid 8 The Walking Cups: wind up toy 8 ...And Talking Cups: three ideas for making noise 9 With Cocktail Shakers: with hole in the side idea 9 The Hobo Cups and Balls: paper folding to make cups on the spot 10 Christmas Cups: ideas 10 Ball and Moustache Cup: makes the "ball poured into the hand" part easy, but can't show inside! 11 Styrofoam Cups: with hole in the side idea again 11 The $12.50 Carpet Tape Secret: a "Chop-cup" idea 11 Paper Cup Picnic: several ideas 12 The Homing Cup: using paper cones from wrapping string 12 Liquid Tumblers: converting double walled tumblers to liquid production cups 13 Disposable Cups and Balls: halved potatoes! 13 Passe' Goldfish Cup: Goldfish and water poured into a 2nd cup, the goldfish vanishes! When poured back, the goldfish reappears. (not really a cups and balls trick, though!)
14 Rolling Stones: Alternate ball ideas 14 Expert Ball Control: coating balls 14 A Clown Gag: with a ping pong ball 14 X-Rated Cups and Balls: multiplying rabbits 14 The Running Ball: like "Judy the Mouse" 15 The Pin Ball: hook ball 15 Trapped Air: a stunt with a tumbler 15 Sponge Ball to Cube or Rabbit: finale idea 15 Ball to Egg Finale: another idea 15 Balls to Fruit: and another 16 Oriental Paper Balls: Japanese version

17 Jamison Kinks With Sponge Balls. Commentary on using sponge balls. Includes an improved steal, the working surface, and ideas for ending the cups and balls

19 Four Passes 19 Improved French Drop 19 The Thumb Catch 19 "Tarzan" Pass 19 The Elbow Catch Vanish

21 Loading: The Grand Finale. 11 ideas for the final load 21 Classic Method: the standard load approach 21 Lapping: just a mention, and a suggestion to add in "the cup through the table" to your seated routine 21 The Budget Bag: cheap servante 21 A Simple Servante: using the tablecloth 22 Tea Cup Hangers: screw-type hangers 22 Coffee, Tea, or Milk? updated drumhead tube 22 Silk Production Finale: silk switch 22 Sport Sponges: final load ideas 22 Pop-Up Production: production fruit 23 Another Liquid Production: paper cup idea

24 Performing Surfaces 24 Ball Traps: how to build 24 A Cloth Flap: impromptu 25 Stretch Edge Art: with sponge balls

26 A Note from Tony Shiels of England: Ball production for opener, also a vanish

28 Escometry: Tips on performances 28 A Dog Act: getting a dogs into your act 28 My Puppet Routine: with a hand puppet 28 The "Crown Royal" Bag": for storage 28 Some Novelty Routines: such as using chess pieces, using the cups as rice bowls, etc. 29 The Platform Lecturer: lecturing on the cups and balls 29 For Further Reading: Ellis Stanyon Course in The Jinx, Osborne's Cups and Balls Magic, Dai Vernon's Stars of Magic, Blackstone's Secrets of Magic, back issues of The Sphinx, Eddie Joseph's Hindu Cups and Balls, and Genii magazine. 30 Three "Dream" Tricks: three routine ideas 30 A Dai Vernon Gag: an anecdote by Dai Vernon 30 Horowitz on Malini: another anecdote 31 A Card Trick? Turtles?, Pool Balls?, Mentalism?: a few more ideas

32 Three Authentic Routines for East Indian Cups: each briefly described 32 Routine #1 32 A Short Close Up Routine 33 Routine #3

33 Five Sleights with the East Indian Cups & Balls

35 In Living Tribute to S. Leo Horowitz (Mohammed Bey)

37 The Cups of Cairo: Mohammed Bey routine. Standard set, no difficult sleights. End with large loads.

42 Encore: Various ramblings about the cups & ball

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