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La pasión por la Magia y la Calidad, solo en Selecciones Mágicas

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DVD *The Virtual Magician Marco Tempest




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With "The Virtual Magician,"now airing in over 45 markets around the world, Marco Tempest is set to become the next major force in magical performance - this is your chance to "catch up" with the latest.

Be the first to get your limited edition autographed two dvd set of this exciting new television series (only 999 copies made!). Get all six half-hour shows, packed with up to 16 magic routines per episode and featuring special guests: Lance Burton, Jeff McBride, Johnny Thompson,Simon Lovell and many more.

Special DVD features:

  • Quick Index Navigation System 
  • "Behind the Scenes" Documentary 
  • Newmagic SFX Showcase Featurette 
  • Marco's Corporate Promo Reel 
  • Special bonus routines not shown anywhere else.

Each episode explores a magical theme in a fun and insightful way. you'll go on a virtual journey through 3D graphical archives with an expert/historical perspective.

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