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La pasión por la Magia y la Calidad, solo en Selecciones Mágicas

DVD 30 Tricks Cups and Balls DVD in Compact Sleeve with Cups & Balls Ver más grande

DVD 30 Tricks Cups and Balls DVD in Compact Sleeve with Cups & Balls


Cups & Balls is one of the most effective props in magic you can own. You will
learn step-by-step from a professional magic instructor.  Add over
30 Tricks & Tips with Cups & Balls to your arsenal!

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DVD Contents:
Professional Routine
The Basics
Inertia Move
Fake Transfer, Take, & Put
French Drop
Classic Pass
Frank Garcia’s Master Vanish
Holding Out Techniques
Finger Palm Load
Thumb Palm Load
Classic Palm Load
Tip Over Load
Loading A Nested Cup
ER’s Advanced Stacking Move
Two Finger Steal
Cup Holdout
Two Finger Steal & Cup Spin
Nested Cup Steal
Little Finger Retention
Nesting Roll Steal
The Scoop Method
Pinch or Roll Method
Fake Roll Out, Fake Load
Fake Transfer Load
Solid Through Solid
Wand Penetration
Wand Penetration Variation
Cup Measurement
Ball from Empty Cup
Cup Roll
Ball Through Cup
Charlie Miller Move
Advanced Miller Move
Elevator Move
Click Move
Eddy Ray Cheat Move
Flustration Count
Tip Off Move
& Much More!

You Get:
Plastic Set of Cups & Balls
30 Tricks DVD in Printed Color Compact 5 x 5 inch Sleeve

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