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DVD 30 Tricks & Tips-Thumbtip

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30 Tricks & Tips-Thumbtip DVD


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The thumbtip is one of the most effective props in magic you can own!

Eddy Ray will take you step-by-step through each effect so you can master them with ease. Add over 30 Tricks & Tips to your arsenal with this comprehensive magic training course
You Will Learn:

  • Basic Handling Techniques
  • Basic Scarf Vanish
  • Basic Scarf Appearance
  • One Handed Scarf Production
  • Eddy Ray Scarf Color Change
  • Scarf Production From Dollar Bill
  • Signed Bill to Pocket
  • Torn & Restored Tissue Effect
  • Salt Vanish
  • Broken & Restored Toothpick
  • Four Quarters in a Dollar
  • Eddy Ray Fortune Telling Message
  • Purse Frame Production
  • Floating Cup
  • Ultimate Bill Switch
  • Sugar to Sugar Cubes
  • Balancing a Playing Card
  • Coin Change
  • Money From Purseframe
  • Spongeball Production
  • Spongeball Vanish
  • American Flag Blendo
  • Tips for Ditching Thumbtips

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